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Chef Mike is one of the most humble and respectable chefs in the industry today despite winning multiple awards, our strong leadership, leveraging on the importance of teamwork, allows us to head our team for competitions.

we brings over his conspicuous passion for cooking, together with close to 11 years of, “It is important to treat all guests at an equal level because nothing compares to a customer telling me, ‘This is the best meal I ever had’. Being humble is the key to success.” we specializes in Mediterranean fusion dishes. "It is important to treat all guests at an equal level because nothing compares to a customer telling me, 'This is the best meal I ever had.' Being humble is the key to success

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vegetarian wolves of ground garbanzo and fava beans With a fresh onions cilantro parsley and deep fried service with Tahini sauce. $4.50
Stuffed Grape leaves ( vegetarian) Hand chopped parsley onions tomato rice any spices hand wrapped in a truly tender grape leaves served chilled, ( 6 to a plater ). $ 4.50
Florets, lightly fried & served with Tahini sauce. $ 4.50
Mixed with diced tomatoes, Garlic & olive oil, $ 4.50
White basmati rice cooked to perfection $ 4.25
a fresh wholesome dish made from fire roasted eggplant with a hint of smoky flavor seasoned with tahini, fresh lemon juice and garnished with olive oil $ 4.95
The famous mashed chickpea mixture with fresh lemon juice, Tahini sauce & garnished with olive oil. $ 4.50
lightly fried & mixed with cilantro, Garlic & fresh lemon juice $4.50
freshly cut Parsley, diced tomatoes, onions and crushed wheat, flavored with lemon juice and olive oil $ 4.50
freshly cut romaine lettuce, tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing $ 4.50
Thyme mixed with sesame seeds, Sumac and olive oil $ 3.99
Ground beef mixed with diced tomatoes & onions $3.99
A mixed of grated Akkawi & Halloumi cheese. $3.99
thinly sliced top choices of meat cooked on a large skewer with tomatoes & pickles rolled in pita bread 5.99
thinly sliced of gyro, out special sauce, tomatoes & grilled onions wrapped in warm pita bread $ 6.50
grilled ground-beef with tomatoes, onions, pickles and us rolled in pita bread. $ 6.25
three Falafel balls With parsley, peppers, pickles, tomatoes and tahini sauce rolled in pita bread $4.99
grilled Boneless chicken breast pieces with garlic, tomatoes and pickles rolled in pita 6.99
vegetarian balls of the ground garbanzo & fava beans served with Tahini sauce, Pickles and tomatoes $ 7.99
coocked very slowly with our special sauce, served with rice $ 11.99
The finest ground beef blended with chopped onions, parsley & spices, grilled & served on rice $10.99
you were Trois of our house the specialty Finley sliced boneless chicken shawarma served with rice and your choice of one side $ 10.99
thinly sliced of gyro beef served with rice and our special sauce with one of your sides choices $ 11.99

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